Need to get across town in a hurry? Instead of waiting in line to call a taxi, consider calling a Seattle limo service. Thanks to affordable pricing and convenient service, a growing number of Seattleites are foregoing taxis in favor of luxurious limousines.

From comfort to cost, these three fantastic advantages of Seattle limousines make it an obvious choice. Read on to learn why you should skip taxis for your next airport transfer or night on the town in favor of a more luxurious and stylish limousine.


You’ll avoid queuing for a taxi

Whether you’re waiting to leave the airport or trying to get home after a night out at a top local nightclub, queuing for a taxi is an undeniable waste of time. With lengthy lines and slow service, lining up can often take longer than your journey home.

Instead of waiting in line for an uncomfortable taxi, consider calling a limousine to pick you up and take you home. Central service centers and knowledgeable drivers mean that some limousines will get to you faster than a nearby taxi could.


It’s far cheaper than you think

Thanks to their prominence in the entertainment industry, many people associate limousines with wealth. Despite their image, however, most limousines aren’t the ultra-expensive service that most people think of them as being.

For many trips in Seattle, particularly flat fare travel to and from the airport, using a limousine costs little more than riding in a taxi. Enjoy extreme comfort without any surprising bills as you travel across the city in great style at an affordable price.


It sends a great impression

Want to end a date on a cool note? Instead of calling for a taxi to take you home, hire a limousine to pick you up and drop you off. Limousines are perfect for giving a date, an event, or a night out on the town a unique impression of exclusivity.

Enjoy skipping the lines to get into top clubs, dodging the queues to find a local taxi that’s willing to take you home, and relaxing in comfort during traffic as you travel around the city in your own private limousine.


Limousines have a reputation for expense. From chrome wheels to reclining leather seats, the image we associate with limousines is centered on luxury. Surprisingly, it is remarkably cheap to rent a limousine – by some measures, cheaper than a taxi.

If you’ve held off renting a limousine for fear of the cost, it’s time to relax. From first dates to wedding anniversaries, these three occasions are the ideal opportunity for a Seattle limo hire to inexpensively enhance your experience.


Make an impression on a first date

Want to impress your date with something unique? Most first dates end with costly taxi fares and a lonely drive home. If you rent a limo, however, the experience is one of luxury and class that your date will be talking about for months.

Call ahead to book a Seattle limo for the end of your date, and then pop out of dinner momentarily to confirm the timing. Instead of walking out of the restaurant to a taxi rank, you’ll step out the door to be greeted by your own personal limo driver.


Travel to the airport in elegant style

Traveling to the airport by taxi is an expensive and uncomfortable hassle. Avoid the frustration of being stuck in traffic by relaxing in the back of a limo as you travel to and from Sea-Tac International Airport.

The cost of hiring a limousine to transport you to and from the airport barely beats that of a taxi, making it a great way to travel in style. If you’re ever caught in traffic, you’ll benefit from a great combination of comfort and a convenient flat fare.


Anniversary? Make it the ultimate occasion

Is your tenth, twentieth, or thirtieth wedding anniversary creeping up? Instead of going out for dinner and drinks, plan a whirlwind night with your own private limo to transport you around the city.

With Seattle limo hire available on an hourly basis, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of a private limousine without the extreme expense. Travel from one destination to another in style and make your anniversary one to remember.