its stunning skyline and beautiful natural surroundings, Seattle is a wonderful city to visit. Whether you’re here for a day or a week, you’ll love your time in one of the West Coast’s top destinations.

However, while Seattle is a fun city to visit in any capacity the experience of visiting Seattle can be hugely enhanced by hiring a limo. Learn four simple tips to enjoy the best that Seattle has to offer from your own private limousine.


Limo for a night out? Plan ahead of time

Seattle is home to some of the best bars and nightclubs in the Pacific Northwest – a status that’s made it a hotspot for party travelers for years. If you’re planning to go out and enjoy Seattle’s nightlife, it’s worth preparing a rough plan that you can give to your limo driver ahead of time.


At the airport? Travel in style without a taxi

Are you arriving at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport? Avoid spending hours in an uncomfortable taxi on the way into the city by booking the journey in a private, ultra-comfortable limousine. Limo transfers in Seattle are an affordable and stylish way to make your way into the city.


Plan for Seattle’s downtown traffic jams

While Seattle’s traffic doesn’t hold a candle to what you’ll see in Los Angeles, it’s an annoyance if you’re traveling into or around the city center. If you need to travel in Seattle’s central districts using your limousine, try to plan an alternative route with your driver to avoid traffic jams and reduce your travel time.


Thinking of renting a car? Consider true value

A lot of travelers mistakenly assume that Seattle limo services are incredibly costly, particularly for long rental periods. Quite the opposite – hiring a limo in Seattle is a fairly affordable luxury. If you’re considering hiring a car, think of the true cost – all of the hidden fees and extra charges – and think about booking a limo instead.

Image Source: you’re traveling from your home to the airport or from one nightclub to another, hiring a limo in Seattle is a great experience. Enjoy comfort, style, and an incredible amount of attention from your own high-end chauffeured vehicle.

Like anything in life, booking a limo for your evening out or airport transfer is an experience that can be improved with some simple pre-planning. These three tips will help you get the most from your night or daytime Seattle limo experience.


Book ahead of time

Limousines in Seattle are in high demand, and booking the day before you need a car will often leave you disappointed. Because of this, it’s important to book your limousine as far ahead of time as possible.

You don’t need to book months in advance, but planning your limousine trip at least a day or two before your event will help guarantee you a car. If you need a limo on a public holiday or special event date, it’s worth planning at least a week ahead.


Think about traffic

While Seattle traffic isn’t the worst in the country, it can be a massive inconvenience if you end up caught in it. Whether you’re traveling to the airport of between clubs, a quick check on traffic conditions could save you a slow limousine ride.

This is particularly important if you’re traveling to and from the airport. Look up the time of your flights and think about whether rush hour traffic will be an issue. If you think it could delay your transfer, book your limo at least thirty minutes early.


Plan your evening

Are you booking a Seattle limousine to go from restaurant to bar, bar to nightclub, and back home again at the end of the night? If you’re booking a limo for a night on the town, make sure you plan your evening ahead of time to maximize your value.

Think about which clubs you’d like to visit, the times that you’d like to leave each venue, and your goals for the evening. It’s a good idea to give your limo driver the ‘rough guide’ to your evening to help them transport you around the city.