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Smooth Sailing: Your Complete Guide to Seattle Cruise Transportation, Courtesy of Seattle Limo Service Inc.

Seattle, a city that seamlessly blends vibrant culture with stunning landscapes, has emerged as a premier hub for cruise vacations. However, navigating the logistics of transportation to and from the cruise terminals can sometimes feel daunting. This comprehensive guide, brought to you by Seattle Limo Service Inc, illuminates every facet of Seattle cruise transportation, empowering […]

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Seattle Limo Service Inc Receives 2022 Seattle Award

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Seattle Limo Service Inc Receives 2022 Seattle Award Seattle Award Program Honors the Achievement SEATTLE May 13, 2022 — Seattle Limo Service Inc has won the 2022 Seattle Award in the Limousine & Car Services category by the Seattle Award Program. Each year, the Seattle Award Program identifies companies that […]

The 3 Biggest Benefits of a Seattle Airport Limo

Do you have an early-morning flight to catch? Traveling to the airport in the early morning can be a frustrating event, particularly if you’re stuck using the standard airport taxi services. From delays to uncomfortable seats, standard taxis don’t offer a lot in the way of convenience or luxury. Read on to learn why a […]

3 Steps to Enjoy a Seattle Limo Evening

When you think Seattle limo, you probably think of weddings, parties, and even long trips to and from the airport. While most of us associate limos with special event, it’s often a great idea to hire a limo for a special evening in your own private life. From dates to anniversaries, booking a limo for […]

3 Reasons to Use a Seattle Limo Service For Your City Transportation

Need to get across town in a hurry? Instead of waiting in line to call a taxi, consider calling a Seattle limo service. Thanks to affordable pricing and convenient service, a growing number of Seattleites are foregoing taxis in favor of luxurious limousines. From comfort to cost, these three fantastic advantages of Seattle limousines make […]

3 Perfect Situations For a Seattle Limo Hire

Limousines have a reputation for expense. From chrome wheels to reclining leather seats, the image we associate with limousines is centered on luxury. Surprisingly, it is remarkably cheap to rent a limousine – by some measures, cheaper than a taxi. If you’ve held off renting a limousine for fear of the cost, it’s time to […]

Seattle Party Bus: The Most Exciting Way to Travel

From sitting in traffic to waiting in line, nothing ruins a great night out like moving between venues. Avoid the frustration of sitting in traffic between clubs by booking a fun night out for yourself and your friends aboard the Seattle party bus. From built-in bars to mobile dance floors, party buses are the best […]

4 Reasons to Choose a Seattle Airport Limo

From long queues to dangerous driving, getting a taxi in Seattle is an experience that many of us would rather avoid. Thankfully, travelling to and from Sea-Tac Airport in a Seattle airport limo is an affordable, reliable, and very comfortable alternative. From affordability to comfort, the benefits of traveling to and from the airport in […]

Welcome to Seattle Limo Service

Thank you for considering Seattle Limo Service, Seattle’s #1 company for dependable, courteous and comfortable luxury transportation in the Seattle area. Seattle Limo provides Seattle Limousine Service, Seattle Airport Limo, Seattle Town Car Service and Seattle Limo Rentals, Party Bus Seattle for all occasions throughout the Seattle Metro area featuring our fully-equipped, custom limousines. Seattle […]


Like Our Facebook Page and Make A Review for a 15% Discount!

Seattle Limo Service Inc. believes that the best way to promote the company and our services is through positive word-of-mouth reaction from our clients and accounts of excellent service from people who have actually experienced it. The finest marketing efforts have always centered around this idea, because past customers are always the best endorsers for […]


Your next limo might drive itself – no Chauffeur!

Well, it’s still in the future, but the era of self driving cars is fast approaching. Until then your best bet is hiring a 100% real human Chauffeur that knows the Seattle area, has years of experience to back up his or her professional driving skills and will get you to and from where you […]


Affiliate programs are booming in Seattle limousine business

The affiliate program is booming in Seattle limousine business, and Seattle Limo Service Inc Seattle based company is playing a major part in this prosperity. Announcing its latest affiliation based in Bellevue, Redmond, Everett, Tacoma and Seattle. Seattle Limo Service Inc is expanding its earning potential across Washington State as well as striking a bold […]